Where does Zayn Malik live?

where does zayn malik live

where does zayn malik live

Zayn Malik lives in Bradford, England.

Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik, birthed 12 January 1993 in St. Luke’s Hospital, is from West Lane, Bradford, England. Delivered to British Pakistani begetter Yaser and an English female parent, Tricia Malik (ne Brannan), he has three sises Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa. He grew up in East Bowling, located south of the Bradford city centre. Malik was a pupil at Lower Fields Primary School in East Bowling and went to Tong High School, a state comprehensive school. Malik did n’t set at his first two schools due to his mixed inheritance, bringing out that when he and his sis moved schools he felt he fitted in better. After moving school at the age twelve, Malik, says he commenced taking pride in his appearing. During his time on The X Factor, his grandfather passed away, he has a skin image of his grandfather’s name Walter in Arabic on his chest.

On trying out for The X Factor, Malik, said “I needed an experience”. He quotes urban music as his main musical influence. Mature, he was into R&B and rap. For his X Factor audition, he executed the Mario R&B song “Let Me Love You”. He let alone other members of One Direction further notes artists such as Bruno Mars, as a “dream collaborator.” Malik dated fellow X Factor contestant, Rebecca Ferguson, which caused hot debate due to the six year age difference. The relationship ended after four period together. In November 2011, Ferguson addressed the media interest, saying : “When I was in a loving relationship with Zayn it was quite hard, but it attend it. Me and Zayn just grew apart. I wish him all the best.” In 2011, Malik also commented, “Even though it was a mutual decision, when you have a ideal heartache like that, I do n’t think you fully get over it. We ‘re still friends and talk all the time.” Malik is addicted to smoking tobacco, in 2011 he carried desire to quit, saying “I definitely to stop smoking . I need to do it.” In May 2012, after months of media speculation, Malik and Little Mix member Perrie Edwards supported they are in a loving relationship.

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71 comments on “Where does Zayn Malik live?

  1. Victoria on said:

    does he still smoke?????????????????????????????????

    • hayley louise malik on said:

      Yes he does but he’s trying super hard to stop it x :D

      • Angel Malik on said:

        It is his choice if he is too stop it or not and by my knowledge he isn’t trying super hard otherwise he would of stopped he is just admitting that it is wrong

  2. madelyn on said:

    he smokes?????????

    • shelby hobson on said:

      so what if he smokes its his choise at the end of the day so mind your own buisness because i LOVE his the way he is x

      • Maria J Ramirez Largo on said:

        Yeah is his choice but is better for him too stop doing it ….off course we don’t have too judge him but support him too quit smoking .

  3. zaara on said:


  4. Sky on said:

    I would what to meet you plz me and my friends

  5. Sky on said:

    Love 1d

    • Alexis on said:

      You don’t know how much I would like to met you all of you I’m not one of those anoying girls that will bug you just one day with all of you I think you guys would like me because your just like me but I’m younger than you I would just be happy if I got your number but I don’t have it and that sucks and I wouldn’t bug you like call you ever 5 minutes I love one direction and I’m so sorry I wrote all of this but all of it is true

  6. Nicole on said:

    I think zayn is the best out of one direction xxx

  7. Zaynab on said:

    I love him and would do anything to be mates wid him

  8. hayley louise malik on said:

    Omg, i can’t believe he went out with Perrie Edwards, And Zayn Javadd Malik is the hottest out of all 1D and then it’s louis and harry is just a fucking knob he tries to find round about 30 to 40 year old to sleep with wahts is wrong with the TWAT ?

  9. Zyan on said:

    I really want to meet zyan badly u will die for him

  10. Briana Giron on said:

    I would like to meet Zayn but I can’t bbecause lI’ve in Trenton, nj

  11. molly on said:

    You don’t know how much I love zayn he is my best person I have ever saw in a gang I realy want to meat zayn badly xxxxxxxxx

  12. jessica alejandra cruz butista castro on said:

    he is so cute love his eyes

  13. sadiya on said:

    i love u zayn malik u know i see u in drem also u r the best the person who i like the most in the present world is u zayn malik u dont know how much i love u
    if u would there in front of me i would never leave u i will hug kiss u whatever i love u so much if u have u r phone number plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzz give i will sure call u love u.bye

  14. jo on said:

    aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy paapasito

  15. joe on said:

    ph my god he is so sexy!!!!

  16. leylas on said:

    snap out of it hes mine biches

  17. Ally on said:

    You are cute zayn

  18. Angel Reynolds on said:

    Did you know anyone from tong high school called Emmot Reynolds or Aysha Reynolds as they are my cousins and Aysha says you were good mates ? :P

  19. Alyssa on said:

    Omg I love your so hot LOL YOUR #1 FAN ALYSSA NOELLE HANNAH (Hannah is my last name

  20. Annie on said:

    I would love to meet nd go to his conctere

  21. Annie on said:

    I would love to meet

  22. Paris on said:

    Zayn is so fit! I used to be obsessed with Louis but until I found out he likes girls carrots, he was right off the hook. Any ways, me and Zayn have more in common.

  23. zaniah on said:

    hi my name is zaniah ligon

  24. haider on said:

    does he come from pakistan

    • haider on said:

      was zayn malik in the x factor

      • Cynthia on said:

        Yes all of the members of One Direction were on the X Factor as solo acts but only made it to boot camp. Then Simon Cowell put them together as a band. And there, the most popular hot boy band in history since the Beatles, One Direction was created. Thank You Simon Cowell!

    • Cynthia on said:

      No but his paternal grandfather or something is from Pakistan decendent

  25. raeesah on said:

    yep zayns very cute if he will see me hell like me

  26. raeesah on said:

    zany malik you very cute

  27. maseeha khan on said:

    i hope he stop smoking but anyway i still love him so much

  28. maseeha khan on said:

    me and zayn have so much in comman

  29. i love zany on said:

    where do u live and wht is y hot cosin name

  30. Cynthia on said:

    Hey, so I’ve said something about Niall and Harry and now Zayn. When they say you’re One Direction persona is ” the Gorgeous One” they are not lying but I still think that all of you guys from One Direction are very attractive. See ya! Got to go

  31. raeesah on said:

    zayn you very cute………..please/kanalah come visit me in cape town manenberg

  32. crystal clodia on said:

    hey i’m crystal clodia I LOVE YOU zayn malik

  33. crystal clodia on said:

    zayn you are veryyyyyyyyyy cute and handsom

  34. Cynthia on said:

    Hey Zayn you are amazing just like all of 1D!!

  35. safina mohammad on said:

    you are so cooooooooooooooooooooote.

  36. summer on said:

    zayn write me a letter to 22 gayle stonydelph

  37. lisa on said:

    love him sooooo much love he is minne

  38. perrie edwards on said:

    zayn is mine u know y :p

  39. perrie edwards on said:

    love him so much because i am his gf

  40. perrie edwards on said:

    i love zayn malik

  41. Shakila on said:

    Stop it I’m sick in tired of you guys fucking telling him to stop it’s his choice and if your giving hate because of that your just cowards the fans who really like him to who he is thank you and reply to me if you disagree or agree and I’ll get back to you soon as possible

  42. mikayla cabrera on said:

    I think zayn is super cute, how about you?

  43. Sherina William on said:

    Zayn Malik you are sooooooooo hot!!!!!.

  44. Sherina William on said:

    Zayn you are my favourite star it the world.

  45. Sherina William on said:

    I love you zayn and the 1D

  46. Sherina William on said:

    Me and Zayn have so much in comman.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  47. sophie on said:

    perri don’t show off

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