Where does Johnny Depp live?

Johnny Depp lives in France, Medoun in Paris, with his fiancé Vanessa Paradis.

Where does Johnny Depp live
Johnny Depp was born John Christopher Depp (June 9, 1963) in Owensboro, Kentucky. His the mom Betty did work as a waiter and his father John Christopher an engineer. He has a brother and two sisters. His father and mother separated in 1978 and this touched Depp profoundly. He often injure himself and to this day has these self brought down marks.

The first big break of Johnny Depps career came when he landed a role in the TV crime drama series 21 Jumpstreet. The show would become a hit and Depp was regarded as a teen idol. He felt anxious about it. Depp made a commitment to only appear in movies and shows he was comfy with.

His first large role came in the 1984 pic A Nightmare on Elm Street. Two years later he had a supporting role in Oliver Stones Platoon. However it was in 1990 when he entirely shed his teen idol image.

He played the lead role in Tim Burtons Edward Scisscorhands. Johnny Depp also played offbeat roles in movies like Benny and Joon and a troubled writer in 1998s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

His portrayals of eccentric characters earned him critical acclaim. But he also found box office success, notably in his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. His performances in the three films have proven very popular among fans and film critics alike.His other film credits include Ed Wood, the 9th Gate, Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice and many more. One of his most recent works is appearing in the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

Among his latest works was Sweeney Todd : the Demon Barber. He also narrated a documentary about the life of writer Hunter Thomson. He also played the role of Dillinger in the film Public Enemies. He is slated to play the Mad Hatter in a big screen adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

Johnny Depp plays the guitar and has released his own album. He was also featured in an Oasis song (Fade in Out). His guitar playing skills are also featured in the film Chocolat. Depp was also featured in Shane MacGowans debut album. Depp and his girlfriend are also into the winemaking business. They have their own vineyard where Johnny Depp lives Plan-de-la-Tour. He also owns the restaurant Man Ray. He co-owns the restaurant with actors Sean Penn and John Malkovich.

Depp has won numerous acting awards. These include the Londons Critics Circle, the Screen Actors Guild and a Golden Globe Award permanently Actor. He has also received acting awards from the MTV Movie Awards and many others.

Johnny Depp has systematically stated in interviews that his selection of movie roles is dependant the films quality rather than box office potential. Yet he has become one of the few actors to successfully portray characters that both critics and fans adore.

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